The chisel has worn out part of the hydraulic hammer crusher. The chisel will wear out during the working process, and it is mainly used in construction sites such as ore, roadbed, concrete, ship, and slag.It is necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance,So the correct selection and use of chisel is the key to hydraulic hammer breaker loss reduction.
Selection Guide of chisel

1. Moil point chisel: suitable for hard stone, extra hard rock, and reinforced concrete excavation and broken.

2 .Blunt chisel: mainly used in breaking medium-hard rocks or small cracked stones to make them smaller.

3. Wedge chisel: suitable for soft and neutral layer rocks excavation, concrete breaking, and excavation of ditches.

4. Conical chisel: mainly used in breaking tough rocks, such as granite, and quartzite in quarry, also used for breaking heavy and thickened concrete.
Instructions for chisel operation:

1. The suitable downward force can improve the efficiency of the hydraulic hammer breaker.

2. The position of the hammer breaker adjustment – when the hammer breaker cannot break the rock, it should be moved to a new hitting point.

3. The breaking operation shall not be operated continuously at the same position. The the temperature of chisel would rise when breaking at the same position for a long time. The chisel hardness would be reduced to damage the tip of chisel, thereby the operation efficiency cut down.

4. Do not use the chisel as a lever to pry rocks.

5. Please put down the excavator arm to a safe state when stopping operation. Don’t leave the excavator when the engine is started. Please ensure all brake and locking devices ineffective state.

Post time: Jul-21-2022