The Benefits of Purchasing Hydraulic Hammer

Whether you work in construction, demolition or anything in between, a hydraulic hammer or rock breaker is an essential tool for your job.As they are an important part of excavation and demolition, they should be ready at your disposal. When it comes to renting a hydraulic hammer the costs can become so expensive, and the supply may not always be there for when you need it, making it inconvenient for your job. Continue reading to discover the 3 benefits of purchasing a hydraulic hammer.

1. A One-Time Investment
Purchasing a hydraulic hammer can seem like a pretty big investment. This is a tool you’ll use nearly every time you excavate for a foundation or demolish existing concrete pads, slabs or bridge decks. It will take some thought to get a hydraulic breaker that will meet your budget, is tailored for the work you do and a proper fit for your skid steer, backhoe or excavator, but with proper hammer maintenance, you’ll only have to make the commitment once as they give years of service. If you add up all of your hammer rentals over a year, you will likely meet or exceed the purchase price. The minute you purchase it, it becomes yours, ready every time you need it, saving money over rentals and adding value to your overall inventory of tools and machinery. And once word gets out, you’ll have more work for your hydraulic breaker!

2. Time Saving
Instead of calling other rental equipment companies, or waiting for your rental to be delivered to the site, owning your own hydraulic hammer can eliminate all of the time consuming factors while keeping your crew working. This will allow for a faster, more efficient job done. When your crew can stay working on site, and not have to worry about when the hoeram will arrive, the overall production of your company will increase.

3. Customized to What You Do
Purchasing a hydraulic hammer means that you are able to spec out which one is the perfect fit for your skid steer, backhoe or excavator and is correct for the site work you do. When it comes to renting, you do not always have a say in what you’ll receive. Although you may be able to choose a specific brand or model, you may not get the best quality. Purchasing allows for you to decide on everything you want. If you are purchasing a new hydraulic breaker, you don’t risk cross contamination of your system, it carries a warranty and you have a fresh start.

Post time: Jul-21-2022